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PDF Search Tool


ProSearchPDF is an advanced and efficient pdf search tool. It takes away the inconvenience of searching inside multiple PDF documents when complex search conditions are needed. Only select a folder where one or more PDF files are located and define your most complex search terms. The search tool will bring you results in a couple of seconds. ProSearchPDF also makes searches in other database types like MySQL or any of the major SQL-based databases. ProSearch technology can also make searches in text-oriented documents such as MS-Word word processor.
PDF Search Tool

Main Features

The search tool offers its users:
  • Extended Boolean search capabilities
    ProSearchPDF supports all the Boolean operators - OR, AND, NOT and two advanced operators - NEAR and FAR to allow more precise words positioning search.

  • File-by-file or All-At-Once search modes of operation
    Select a single file or a folder with multiple files and then perform the search.

  • Sophisticated NEAR operator that enhances the power of search tool
    Do you need to find two or more of fields values which are in neighboring cells? AND is not the solution while NEAR is!

  • Advanced reporting of the query results
    View the query results with up to a single cell resolution, view it in internal report viewer, or an external browser. Print the results for further data processing.

Why choose ProSearchPDF?

ProSearchPDF offers an easy and fast way to search inside multiple pdf files. This utility has been specially designed to provide the advanced querying power for Adobe PDF users.

Where do I start?

Go to the Downloads section and read the instruction for downloading and installing the search tool. Use the Download link there to get the setup file. After installing and trying the software for the evaluation purposes, consider purchasing your own license of the search tool to keep enjoying the great features of the product.